On the 2nd of December 2015, we made it to Barcelona to attend P&G’s Future Fabrics event, with a very special theme, “Athleisure”. To find out what athleisure means and how you can take care of your athleisure apparel, we spoke to Amr El-Kashashi, Associate Brand Director of EMEA - Fabric Care at Procter & Gamble.

El-Kashashi shared with us the following: “Throughout the sessions taking place at the Future Fabrics event in Barcelona, we heard numerous times that there's a constant evolution when it comes to clothing and trends. If we take general trends as an example, there’s currently a very positive one taking place, which is that the youth is leaning more towards taking care of their health and overall adapting a healthier lifestyle, and things like Crossfit or Befit are the perfect example for that.

That being said, this also means that sportswear is getting much higher attention than it used to. Sportswear started becoming more and more important, to the extent that they made their way to daily-wear, and this trend has been titled “Athleisure”. In other words, Athleisure is edgy and fashionable sportswear/active-wear with similar fabric compilation.

These clothes need extra care and attention, and the regular cleaning methods to remove stains for example, will not work anymore. While the athleisure trend is very comfortable and practical, it also happen to be a magnet for dirt and bad odor, due to the moisture tunnels it includes in the apparel.

Now comes the role of cleaning products, which of course need to keep up with that trend and make sure that these clothes stay clean, with their same shape and of course color, regardless of the number of times they’ve been washed. Ariel Power Gel’s new formula with the cup does the trick, while also providing a great smell.

The difference between Ariel Power Gel and other products in the market, is that it was created to adapt with the current market needs. The new Ariel Power Gel is going has launched in December, and it’s even more advanced than the current formulas available. The cup of the new product has many benefits. First off, when the consumer switches from one Ariel product to the other, they would want to know the quantity they would need to use, and this cup aids them in knowing the exact amount to be used. Additionally, the gel has a different aspect, unlike the powder, as you can apply it right on the stain and use the cup over it (spreading the gel and scratching the stain), which enables the stain to be removed in a much easier and faster way as well.

In other words, if you’re a fan of the athleisure trend, just like us, then you need to make sure you keep your clothes in great shape. No one wants to buy something and then find out it’s ruined because of the way they’ve washed it. Right?