As we sit on our couch, day dreaming about the day we get to show off our outfits again, feel the sand between our toes and take that first magical whiff on the sea that keeps us going back for more...we might as well day dream about what we'd be wearing as well. 

This summer trends 2020 are only here to make us suffer because of how good they are. Every time I see an ethereal white dress or a sexy halter top, I ache for summer vacation. Luckily the beauty of fashion is that we can admirably look at these trends, maybe even start shopping for them and stay optimistic... 

So here are some of the top summer 2020 fashion trends:

There were some amazing looks for Hijabis on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway

The Summer 2020 Color Trends


The color trends this year are diverse, from standout colors like bright scarlet red and biscay green to more muted and lighter tones like beiges and buttery yellows. Green was also a hit this year, coming in different tones and shades but, mainly, the most popular one was an olive chive green. Gorgeous corals, lilacs and sky blue made strong appearances as well. And of course let's not forget Pantone's color of the year, classic blue. 

We talked in a lot more detail about this year's color trends and you can read all about it here

A pink and orange cocktail


When it came to color pairings, orange and pink took the crown. Everyone knows and loves red and pink together, but orange and pink is just something else. Besides being extremely joyful and summery, there's something about the way the two color fade together from afar that is just really sophisticated and chic. They were shown together in two different ways, one in the form of a pattern or print that includes both meshed together and the other as separate, individual pieces worn together.

Here's another color pairing you can try wearing together.

Dreamy White Dresses


There's something about white dresses this year that made them leave the realm of bridal and enter the wardrobe of a dreamy, effortless and chic woman. Stark white and creamy off-whites were presented a lot in the form of flowy long ethereal dresses. Think French Rivera, early 70s. A lot of them were modest, long sleeved and sometimes with collars and belt detailing. 

What about brides?

70s inspiration for summer fashion 2020


Speaking of the 70s, they're still blessing the runways with bold loud prints and strong long pronounced  collars. It seems like no one will be getting over the 70s trend anytime soon. Whether you're more into the structured suits or the loud prints and carefree aesthetic, you'll be seeing them swarming your stores very soon. 

The 70s also hit the hair trends.



Who doesn't love a good cutout. And if there's a place to go to in order to see how cutouts should be done, it's the runway. Despite being big this year, they were interpreted very differently by different designers. With dresses they were sometimes subtle, mainly there to flatter the body and structure the dress. However, with the more ready-to-wear looks they were statement, in your face and intentional. Sometimes to showcase another big trend this year, which were bra top and tube tops.

You know where cutouts are also really sexy? With lingerie...

Summer 2020 Fashion is all about tropical prints 


Dolce & Gabbana and Versace took tropical to the next level. Donatella Versace's show was actually inspired by her iconic dress for JLo at the 2000 Grammys. It doesn't get any more summery than with good tropical prints. Just one look at them and you can taste the Pina Coladas and feel the sunshine on your skin. However, they did come in very dramatic, loud prints that some people might not be able to simply wear. However, prints have a tendency to change people hearts and fashion direction, you just have to try it out and give yourself a push to walk out the door. 

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Denim takes the lead


We've come to one of my favorite topics. Denim sometimes hides away during the hotter months, I know I couldn't put on jeans at all last summer. But the beauty of it, is that it can easily change anyone's mind, not just because of how easy it is to wear, but because of how cool it could look.   Denim can be a statement, and no I'm not talking about Britney and JT's denim date, I'm talking about denim jumpsuits, thread detailing and bootcuts that do so much more than just give you great shape. 

Here are the best places to buy perfect mom jeans.



And finally, a trend I have very few words to say about...vests and waistcoats. I actually have a bedazzled vest in my wardrobe that I never wear and bought out of haste and desperation on new year's eve, so maybe it's time to bring it out when the quarantine is finally over. In the meantime let's admire the beauty of these waistcoats from Max Mara and Burberry. Despite being associated with mens wear, I find them to be feminine, elegant and extremely strong. 

Suits and blazers are still all the rage, here's how to style them.

All Image Credits: NOWFASHION