It's always happy news when we know about a new Egyptian fashion designer, because we believe in the many hidden talents that exist in Egypt. So, when we heard about Christine Massarny, we got really interested to see her designs.

The new collection Christine Massarany just launched was inspired by just one dress she presented at 'La Mode a Beyrouth' fashion competition, where she one of the top eight finalists. The collection is inspired by nature, and to be specific, it's inspired by oyster mushroom - its earthy hues and delicacy.

Christine Massarany's collection is limited-edition, consisting of only 11 semi-couture pieces, meaning that each of the 11 designs will belong to just one woman, to feel unique. We sure do like Christine Massarany's vision, and we are looking forward to seeing more of her.

Production + Project: Maison Pyramide

Art Direction: Ikon X

Photography: Aisha Al-Shabrawy

Fashion Coordination: Zeina Aref

Styling: Hanna Shannon

MUA: Chanel Arif

Hair: Toi Beauty Salon

Location: Ashry Steel Factory