Are you a veiled woman, looking for some stylish evening gowns for hijab but you still can't find the right one? We would love to introduce to you our favourite picks from long sleeved gowns this season that are suitable for hijab fashion

With our picks of evening gowns for hijab fashion, you can still pull off a very trendy and feminine evening dress with your hijab. Yes, we know how hard it is to find the perfect dress that doesn't need a lot of tailoring to cater your needs. Besides being wearable and elegant, the evening gowns for hijab fashion we picked for you only need the ideal matching veil and that's it! The evening gowns designs are loose yet fitted, defining your shape in a glamorous way. Embroidery, lace, sequins and silk are the best materials for a stylish long sleeved hijab gown. Pastels and simple designs are also the hit of this season. Wear a simple hijab with your evening gown so it makes a statement on its own. Wedding season is very soon, be ready to shine in one of these amazing hijab fashion picks.