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Five Sexy Lingerie Trends Every Woman Must Try Out

There is never not a right time for lingerie, whether you want to feel sexy for yourself or for someone else, lingerie is beautiful and empowering to wear anytime. We're always so excited to see the latest intimates tends. From the popular sexy body suits to sheer panties, these are the sexy lingerie trends of 2021...  

If your taste in lingerie is minimal and you're looking for pieces that are not too cheesy, check these ideas out...

Popular lingerie trends of 2021:

1. Sexy red

lingerie trends of 2021

Savage X Fenty - For Love & LemonsAgent Provocateur

Friday Fashion Fits: Types of Strapless Bras and When to Wear Them

Sexy seductive colors are really in this year, especially this stunning classic red. Red is known to be a seductive lingerie color. If you've been hesitant about it, this is the year to try it out, you never know, it could end up being your favorite lingerie color. It's also great with a garter set. 

2. High waisted panties/briefs

lingerie trends of 2021

Savage X Fenty - La PerlaSavage X Fenty

The Top Color Trends in Fashion for 2021

Something comfy for all my practical ladies out these. High waisted briefs and panties are trending this year, in all their shapes and forms; mesh, basic cotton and lace. 

3. 90s throwback

lingerie trends of 2021

For Love & Lemons - Victoria's Secret - For Love & Lemons 

The 90s just keep coming back, more and more each year, one way or another. This year, lingerie that gives you a little 90s vibes is really popular, especially sexy corsets with ribbon straps.  

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4. Mesh/Sheer Panties

lingerie trends of 2021

Agent Provocateur - Savage X Fenty - Savage X Fenty

This is probably the top lingerie trend this year. It is everywhere! And hard to miss. Mesh and sheer lingerie in general is very popular, but especially the panties. It leaves little to the imagination, so you're bound to feel fabulous and really sexy. 

If things need to be spiced up with your spouse because of the 7-year itch, here are 10 things that could help you out. 

5. Bodysuits are still trending

lingerie trends of 2021

Instagram: @forloveandlemons - Instagram: @savagexfenty - Instagram: @forloveandlemons

Bodysuits aren't a new lingerie trend, they've been there for ages and started coming back with strength last year. They're still a top trend this year, sexy and gorgeous as ever. You can find them in most stores.

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