There is never not a right time for lingerie, whether you want to feel sexy for yourself or for someone else, lingerie is beautiful and empowering to wear anytime. We're always so excited to see the latest lingerie tends. From the popular sexy garters to sophisticated body suits, these are the sexy lingerie trends in 2020...

If your taste in lingerie is minimal and you're looking for pieces that are not too cheesy, check these ideas out...

1. Sexy Lace Garters


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Garters are so sexy and popular, they're probably never leaving women's lingerie drawers. This year garters are getting more interesting and more of a statement piece for the lingerie set. They were seen in many lace designs and intricate details that are hard to turn away from. 

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2. Really Sheer


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Very very sheer lingerie is still going strong and the lace prints are getting cuter by the minute. This year it's all about the details that look almost tattoo-like on your skin, from your bra all the way down to your panties... 

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3. Bodysuits


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Bodysuits aren't a new lingerie trend, they've been there for ages, however, they recently got a sexy update. There are two types of lace bodysuits, the ones that are meant to worn for a steamy night with your hubby, and others that can double up as a top. We love to see the different creative ideas brands come up with for bodysuits every year. 

4. Creative Garters, Belts and Harnesses


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On a steamier note, you will find lingerie stores filled with harnesses, sexy belt details and a creative touch on garters. If you like playful lingerie this is definitely something to consider. Don't miss out on trying a leather harness.

5. Dark Floral Prints


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We know florals and lingerie are a match made in heaven, always adding the perfect touch of femininity. This year dark florals are making a strong presence in all kinds of lingerie; bodysuits, sets, bras and even garters. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @forloveandlemons