I recently came across Isabella Springmühl's story, and it was too inspiring to keep for myself, so I decided to share it with you. Isabella Springmühl is a role model, by all means. She is a Guatemalan 20-year-old girl who has Down Syndrome, that worked so hard to make her dream of becoming a fashion designer a reality.

After graduating from high school a couple of years ago, Isabella applied to a university to study fashion design, but she got rejected due to having a case of Down Syndrome. However, this didn't stop her from pursuing her goals, and probably that setback was all the motivation Springmühl needed to seek another route; self-education!

With the support of her loving family, Isabella learned everything in regards to fashion design, sewing, knitting, etc. until she has launched her very own fashion label - DOWN TO XJABELLE. Her dream was to create fashionable clothing for youngsters and adults with Down Syndrome, and she made it happen.

DOWN TO XJABELLE focuses on jackets and handbags, featuring Guatemalan textiles; they are very rich in colors and patterns, and Isabella loves using them because she feels they give a "carefree" vibe, just like her personality. As you scroll through, you'll see DOWN TO XJABELLE's latest designs - so fun!

Young girls and women: Never ever let anything hold you back. Go after your dreams, and make things happen in your life. Get inspired by empowering role models such as Isabella Springmühl, break the mold, and strive to leave a mark.