12 Lingerie Picks for a Sexy New Year’s Eve with Your Husband

Mariam Youssef
12/19/22, 2:00 PM

Many married couples are planning to celebrate New Year's Eve at home. If that's your intention, then you must see these 12 lingerie picks for a sexy New Year's Eve with your husband. Oh yeah! go all the way out and buy sexy New Year's Eve lingerie to guarantee a sizzling hot night at home with your significant other.

Wondering what lingerie color you should go for? Black, red, or metallic would be a great choice for sexy New Year's Eve lingerie. A touch of satin, sheer, and/or lace won't hurt either!

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You can find below a selection of lingerie picks for a sexy New Year's Eve with your husband, and the options vary from demure to very hot! The good news is that all of the sexy New Year's Eve lingerie we've chosen to showcase are budget-friendly; they won't break the bank.

New Lace Ruffle Teddy with Wrist Restraints

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Your husband won't be able to fight your sexiness in this number! What's there not to like? This red sheer polyester piece, with a ribbon at the waist and wrist restraints will make your husband feel so aroused and ready to be your Mr. Gray! You can find this item here.

Christmas Sexy Floral Babydoll with Garter Belt

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Santa doesn’t have to shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly! Make Santa sexy this year by wearing this hot Santa outfit. Your husband will be very excited when he gets to sit on Santa’s lap. You can buy this item from here.

Lingerie Lace Babydoll

This lovely red babydoll is simple yet super feminine and flattering. It’s just the perfect gift for your husband on New Year’s Eve. It’s also not too complicated to put on or remove it, which comes really handy. You can buy this item from here.

Classy Black Dress

If you’re into classy lingerie that’s not too revealing yet extremely sexy and flattering, you’ll love this one. Your figure will look amazing in this dress and your hubby will surely love it. You can buy this item from here.

Velvet Nightwear

If you think that lingerie is all about showing too much skin, you’re mistaken! This velvet nightwear is the right thing to wear on New Year’s Eve as it will make you warm and sexy at the same time. It’s also available in different colors if red isn’t your cup of tea - or your husband’s! You can buy this item from here.

Silk Wine Red Lingerie

We cannot get enough of red lingerie. Don’t get us wrong; lingerie can look sexy in a variety of colors, but red is fiery, sexy, and New Year’s appropriate. The silk material makes it even more feminine and eye-catching. You can buy this item from here.

Polka Dot Black Set

Let’s get back to the basics and appreciate the beauty of panty and bra sets. This polka dot black set is surely sexy, different, and stylish. You can buy this item from here.

Silver FG Leather Lingerie Dress

If you need your lingerie to look festive just like the occasion, this silver dress will do the trick! The stripes from the front and back make this dress extra sexy and hot. We assure you’ll have an unforgettable night thanks to this lingerie dress. You can buy this item from here.

Lace Bandeau Body

This sexy bodysuit, with its lace feminine details makes a perfect lingerie choice for New Year’s Eve. This piece may not be on the affordable side, it is no doubt an exquisite lingerie piece that will unleash your inner slut and make the “girls” look amazing. You can buy this item from here.

Shoulder Pad Velvet Body

Here’s another Oysho lingerie piece that makes an excellent choice, especially for those who get cold during this time of year. The bodice of this piece is super flattering yet not too revealing. You’ll feel cozy and sexy at the same time. You can buy this item from here.

Dantel Satin White Dress

Why is white lingerie always referred to on the first wedding night? It’s a flattering, angelic color that makes any woman look feminine and beautiful. This dress, in specific, is sexy, elegant, and beautiful. Your husband will surely love how you’ll look in this number, and you can find it in different colors too. You can buy this item from here.

Devilish Red Set

If this red set doesn’t make your husband fall in love with you all over again, we don’t know what will! This heart-racing red is everything you need for a hot, sexy night with your husband. You can buy this item from here.

Which of these items is your favorite? Share your opinion with us on how you like to spend New Year’s Eve.

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