Atelier Versace's Spring/Summer 2015 haute couture collection, was the first to be showcased at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring 2015, and it was nothing but exceptional! The most noticeable thing, is that Atelier Versace depended heavily on primary colors, such as red and blue, in addition to white, black and beige in this haute couture collection. The garments were all perfectly tailored for the type of woman who wants to leave an impressive memory of herself, using her style choices. One way or another, most of the dresses featured mesh and cut-outs, showing off a bit of the models' skin in a sexy way.

I personally loved how every piece was able to flaunt any model's curves, with the swirls, curls and asymmetric patterns. Embroidery was also present in Atelier Versace's haute couture Spring 2015 collection to add more glam.

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