Printed clothes have been taking over since last summer. They are so 'in' this fall, and they are not only limited to a certain color scheme or print, and that's what we love about this trend.

Among all the fall fashion trends, printed dresses ace this season's trends. They amazingly match all body shapes, and could be found in stores in many colors and prints. Keep reading if you want to know how to pick a fall printed dress to perfectly match your body and fashion taste.

1. Hourglass Body Shape

A lady with an hourglass body shape is so lucky because a printed dress, whether long or short, will suit her so well. This is because it will add to the symmetry of her body, and give her upper and lower body a more harmonic look. Both long and short dresses flatter this body shape.

2. Rectangular Body Shape

Printed dresses form a visual illusion to this body shape, it makes it look more curvy. Since a lot girls like to accentuate their curves, this trend really suits the rectangular body shape. A lady with this body shape, however, will want to make sure that she doesn't pick a very crowded print. For her, it's better to wear dresses with larger/fewer prints. Also, short dresses will compliment this body shape more than long ones. 

3. Pear Body shape

It's one of the most common body shapes, especially in the Arab world. Ladies with such a body shape usually want to make their upper and lower body parts look more symmetrical. This is why it is recommended to pick printed dresses that have crowded prints on the upper parts and fewer prints on the lower part. This will give volume to the upper part, and accordingly, it will make the body look more harmonic. Long dresses match this body shape the best. 

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Crowded prints for the upper part will increase the volume and therefore the broadness of your of the shoulders. If you want to minimize the broadness, find dresses with more prints on the lower part. However, if you like a dress that has the same print all over, you can wear a plain jacket, and it will balance it out. Mid-dresses are the best length for this body shape.

5. Apple Body Shape

Tiny prints match this body shape the most. It's always better to pick a dress with a detailed/small print if you have an apple shaped-body because it draws the attention away from the roundness of the body. Also, tall or beneath-the-knees dresses are the best length for this body shape.

6. Curvy Body Shape

Short printed dresses are the best when it comes to curvy bodies, and they go really well with usually black tights and leather half boots. It's also really trendy to pick a pair of printed tights as well. Unlike what you may think, they will boost the whole outfit add chicness. Length is a matter of personal preference, and I personally find shorter printed dresses gorgeous on curvy bodies!

Main Image Credits: Musings of a Curvy Lady - Gal Meets Glam - Luziehtan