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| by Nada Allam

Reviewing the Three Fifty Nine Collection

Perfection is inspired by imperfections, which is my personal view of this artistic and first collection by Egyptian label Three Fifty Nine. The story line of how this collection came to life doesn't have a beginning, middle nor ending; it's more of snippets of inspiration put together bringing art to life. When I first heard of a label named Three Fifty Nine, I knew there had to be a meaning behind the random numbers. Three Fifty Nine, is one degree less than the 360 degrees we use and reference to in our lives, and the designer Marwa Sayed decided to go with the theory of nothing in life is perfect, but 359 is as close as it gets to perfection. What I loved about the collection is the explicit attention to detail, for example the heart shaped peace sign, yes you read correctly, at the back zipper of the t-shirt. Did I mention that the t-shirts have Hani Mahfouz's illustrations drawn on them? You've probably seen some of his work on notebooks before, but Marwa Sayed made a fashionable twist by portraying them on t-shirts with her label Three Fifty Nine. The t-shirts are truly one of a kind, you are basically looking at an art piece; a fashionable statement that will turn your entire outfit around.

My next favorite piece has to be the vintage dust pink dress, and the story behind it left me in awe. Designer Marwa Sayed got inspired to make this dress when she saw one of the workers accidently burning a hole into a ts-shirt with a cigarette, which also explains why the model wearing it in the picture is holding a cigarette. You should know I had a really tough time picking these two favorites from the entire collection, if I would get started on the skirts and the other dresses I won't stop with the blabbing. So to make things short, your shopping list this fall should include at least one item from Three Fifty Nine's very first collection. Incorporate a little bit of boho chic into your outfit and I can guarantee you will have yourself an eye-catching outfit, never before seen.

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