I got a pocket full of sunshine! All you Rita Ora fans out there, if you love her style, then DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 collection is definitely the one to go for. Sneakers on dresses? Yes, it is very much possible in Donna Karan's world. Striking colors filled the runway, as each ensemble was more artistic than the one before. The oversized blazers, the over-flowy skirts, the monogram trainers were evident on the funky runway. The line does seem to be aimed ay the funky youth, embracing their sporty style, but in a feminine way. DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 collection can easily be incorporated into your style in the simplest ways, for example an over-sized blazer. 

Trends spotted at DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

1. Striking Colors

2. Sporty 

3. Menswear

4. Futuristic

5. Monochrome meets Monogram

Best thing about DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

I love how this line introduced a whole new level of mixing and matching. Not only with the styles, but also with the colors, pastel pink and pastel blue? Yes that works. The use of the vibrant orange lipstick on all outfits was spectacular, making you think, yes you can wear lipstick with your sneakers on.

Worst thing about it?

At first I thought that the DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 collection can be targeted to the older and stylish mums, however after taking a closer look, I thought no. A stylish mum sporting the monogramed trainer is a big no no. I would have liked to see a few outfits more applicable for a few more ages.

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