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| by Zeina Tawfik

Spotlight on 'Fringes & Petals' by Aya Afify

Boho-chic; that's how I can describe the style of the women who wear pieces from 'Fringes & Petals' collection by Aya Afify. The Spring Summer 2014 collection by Egyptian fashion designer, Aya Afify, is all about fringes and flower petals, and you can see that through the details on the tops, shirts and jeans. Since I mentioned jeans, let me tell you that this is the first time Aya Afify makes her very own jeans, which is tailored, washed and made from scratch in Egypt. What also makes the Aya Afify jeans different, is that it's patched with lace and guipure, making it a truly unique piece.

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'Fringes & Petals' by Aya Afify is perfect for hijab fashion, as the designer understands the need for stylish conservative wear. The high-low tops and lace pants would be a great addition to any hijabi's wardrobe. Nevertheless, 'Fringes & Petals' is also full of pieces that you can mix and match to embrace your inner hippie girl, think boyfriend jeans styled up with a kimono jacket, wavy hair and a flower crown, get the picture? Take a look at the collection yourself and let us know which piece you loved the most.

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