When I look at Razan Alazzouni's Winter 2014 collection, I immediately see a Parisian fashionista walking the streets of one of the fashion capitals of the world. The beret hat included in most of the outfits just does it all. I love the palette of colors chosen for this Razan Alazzouni collection, ranging from emerald green to white and pastels. Crop tops were also included in Razan Alazzouni's Winter 2014 collection, which is something I truly admire, because this is one trend that should not just be limited to the summer. I could go on and on about how much I loved the full skirts and dresses, however, what can truly be seen throughout this collection is the attention to detail in the prints. Take for example the emerald green copped top paired with the straight skirt, where an intricate flower print made its way around the top's neck, sleeves and trim of the skirt.

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The Razan Alazzouni Winter 2014 collection consists of various designs, for the woman who likes a figure hugging piece, and for the woman who wants to rock a full skirt and a cropped top. My favorite piece from the collection has to be the brown full dress with the pink floral pattern. But that's just me, the collection speaks for itself, so take a look at it.

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