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| by Zeina Tawfik

The Crop Tops Fever

Crop tops are one of the hottest things to be seen in this season, and they come in several styles such as bralets, bandeaus, crop t-shirts, boxy tops and tailored ones. It's a little challenging to find the perfect crop top and wear it the right way, it can easily take you from trendy to trashy. But fear not, we'll tell you all about crop tops and how to make them work in a tasteful way. A key note is knowing that crop tops aren't about exposing your whole stomach out there, the idea isn't to look like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera back in the days, remember that less is always more.

There's a crop top for every body type out there... If you're petite, then lucky you, anything can work for your body, but you'll look best in a fitted crop top, so pick a bandeau or a tailored top. On the other hand, ladies with curves should go for a loose fit such as crop t-shirts. While putting your outfit together, you should pick your bottoms according to the length of your crop top. It's preferable to avoid bottoms that reveal your bellybutton, that would be your indication that you're overexposing. However, you can get away with that look if your top is a little less cropped, that way you're flaunting the right amount of skin. Balance your crop top with pencil skirts for a feminine look, or pair it with a full skirt for a retro style. You could also wear crop tops with denim cut-offs or overalls for a casual approach or with high-waisted trousers for a sophisticated take. If you feel that you need more coverage, throw on your favorite blazer and you'll end up with a very stylish layered look.

Be brave enough to bare some skin this summer with crop tops, you don't have to spend hours at the gym or have killer abs to work the trend right, just make sure to have the confidence and always maintain a proper posture for a flat looking stomach. We picked a selection of our favorite crop tops to share with you, now tell us how would you wear a crop top?

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