The Trendiest Accessories from Chanel's Fall 2015 Collection

Zeina Tawfik
3/11/15, 12:00 AM

Karl Lagerfeld presented the Chanel Fall 2015 collection during Paris Fashion Week, and it was nothing less than very chic and very French. Brasserie Gabrielle was the theme behind Chanel's Fall 2015 collection, where the setting looked like a French bistro. There were waiters, a bar, tables, chairs and even Chanel morning papers! Aside from the ladylike looks, the Chanel Fall 2015 fashion show was full of show-stopping accessories, including shoes, handbags, belts and jewelry. Now read more about some of the trendiest accessories from Chanel's Fall 2015 collection and see all our favorite pieces.

- Almost all the models at the Chanel Fall 2015 fashion show wore the same shoe. The Chanel two-tone shoe was in fact a tribute to Coco Chanel, who originally created the iconic ladylike shoe design back in 1957.

- The idea of a plate-inspired clutch sounds ridiculous, until you see Chanel's double plate clutch from the Brasserie Gabrielle collection. So cool, isn't it?

- Remember the hair sticks you used to wear in the 90's? Well, they're back! Some models at the Chanel Fall 2015 fashion show had their hair fixed with double-C hair sticks.

- The super-sized 'Les Beiges' compact chain-strap bag was another adorable accessory from Chanel's Fall 2015 collection. The bag with the double-C looks like a large version of Chanel's famous makeup line, 'Les Beiges.'

- As per usual, the models at the Chanel Fall 2015 fashion show wore layers and layers of pearl necklaces. I particularly loved how one model wore a pearl back armor!

- Karl Lagerfeld took the Brasserie Gabrielle theme to a whole new level when he decorated the iconic Chanel flap bag with miniature cutlery. Fashion for food? Yes! A Chanel handbag with tiny forks and knives all over it really exists.

- The Chanel chain belts with dangling charms were also recreated for the Fall 2015 collection. No better way to show off your waist!

- Last but not least, it looks like the Chanel Boy bag is here to stay. For Fall 2015, the Chanel Boy bag is back with very cool combinations. My favorite has to be the patterned monochrome. Just statement-making.

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