Tony Ward, the Lebanese fashion designer, has just showcased his Haute Couture Fall 2016 collection, as part of Paris Fashion Week. His name became a fixture on red carpet events, and that's because of his spectacular Haute Couture designs. For Haute Couture Fall 2016, Tony Ward's show was all about whimsical feathers, and he was inspired by a majestic imperial bird.

With just a look at Tony Ward's Haute Couture Fall 2016 collection, you'll notice all the intricate details reflecting his inspiration and vision, featuring all kinds of different feathers, whether natural, embroidered or cut in fabric. You'll also notice the jewel-tone color palette, with all the shades of blue, red and green, adorned with metallic accents.

Now scroll down and see taking a look at our favorite dresses from Tony Ward's Haute Couture Fall 2016 collection.