While some brides like to keep things simple on their wedding day, others just love to go extravagant all the way! If you're a bride who always dreamed of wearing a ball gown wedding dress, you're about to get major bridal inspiration. Ball gown wedding dresses are truly my favorite bridal style, so I selected 28 photos of stunning ball gown wedding dresses that I'm sure all brides will just adore.

Ball gown wedding dresses feature a special voluminous silhouette; they're quite fitted from the top, with bodice that's cinched at the waist, and a really huge skirt. Which body shapes go best with ball gown wedding dresses? If you have a rectangular body shape, and need to create curves, then a ball gown wedding dress would be a perfect pick. However, if you're petite, try to stay away from them, as you'll be swallowed up.

Now scroll through and see these photos of stunning ball gown wedding dresses. Maybe you'll find your dream dress!