Yasmine Yeya; the fashion designer behind the most beautiful wedding dresses we’ve seen in Egypt for the past couple of years! You can surely spot a Yasmine Yeya wedding dress a mile away, right? Yasmine Yeya is currently the queen of bridal fashion in Egypt, with few other talented Egyptian designers competing with her on the scene.

The half Egyptian, half French designer has no fancy fashion degree, she originally studied Business Administration at The American University in Cairo, so we can call her purely talented. With fine taste and great attention to detail, Yasmine Yeya was able to claim her throne very easily.

When she showcased her first official bridal collection in 2015 ‘Your Grace,’ it was all about glamour and beauty. Yasmine Yeya also worked on some pretty glamorous dresses that can only be called modernly royal. One time, she designed a wedding dress in collaboration with Sabry Marouf, a famous luxury fashion accessories designer, to make a masterpiece that was suitable for an ancient Egyptian queen!

Yasmine Yeya's latest bridal collection 2017, ‘Les Réfugiées D'amour’ is like nothing she ever did before, this time she went even more over-the-top with royal dresses. So, scroll down and see just some of Yasmine Yeya’s beautiful bridal dresses over the past years.