12 Bridal Fashion Tips for a Winter Wedding
Mariam Youssef
12/23/22, 3:00 PM

Planning your wedding during winter surely has its pros and cons. As much as it's a bit risky to go for a winter wedding because of the weather fluctuations and wind, it has its great advantages too. Unlike spring or summer weddings, you’ll likely pay way less. Moreover, a winter wedding can have its own ambiance as the weather is more romantic and chilly. If you're currently planning to have your wedding during winter, here are 12 bridal fashion tips for a winter wedding...

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1. Since days are shorter in the winter, try to get the most important things done in the morning. Make sure to book the outdoor bride and groom photo-shoot two hours before sunset so the pictures can look bright and lively.

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2. Wedding dresses with long sleeves are the best when it comes to winter weddings. If you're a bride who doesn't prefer long-sleeve dresses, you can go for a white fur jacket or a white coat that matches your dress to wear while you're outside the ballroom.

3. While fitted, sleek skirts are a common choice for weddings in the summer, winter weddings require something more lavish. In addition to adding drama and sophistication, ball gowns and voluminous skirts let you wear leggings or thick hose to keep your legs warm. Nobody will notice that you are wearing some comfortable pants under your stunning dress.

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4. While having your bridal makeup ready, go for darker shades of makeup, in order to pull off the wintery spirit. Summer makeup is all about peachy warm tones and dewy skin, while winter makeup is more cool-toned. Try wine red for lipstick and dramatic, smokey eyeshadow.

5. The same applies for nails. Dark hues of nail polish can also highlight the beauty of your nails perfectly, unlike lighter summery shades. You can match your nail polish to your lipstick or look for another winter-inspired design for your wedding.

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6. Make sure to secure the wedding veil perfectly so it doesn't fly away when exposed to the wind. Therefore, you should choose your veil designer carefully and ensure that she’s qualified enough to make your veil stay put throughout the ceremony.

7. One of the perks of summer is that it has a huge variety of flower options, unlike winter. Don't let this alarm you and go for the types of flowers that are already available in winter; they’re also beautiful. Make your wedding bouquet stand out by adding your own special touch to it.

8. If you're planning an outdoor wedding during winter, make sure to pick a venue where the floor is flat and free of any bumps and grass. It's also preferable to have over-head covers in case of rain. Don't forget to set up heaters as well.

9. Start an appropriate skincare routine right away (preferably 3 months before the big day). To prevent dryness and cracking, you should drink more water too. Moreover, your makeup will apply more easily if your face has been prepped in advance.

10. Proper footwear will make things so much more fun. Your feet will appreciate that you are wearing weather-appropriate footwear, especially if you’re planning an outdoor winter wedding. You don't have to wear them all day; when you're inside, change into something fancier.

11. Dress your bridesmaids appropriately as you don’t want them to freeze in the cold weather. You can either gift them with cozy accessories, such as fur coats or shawls, or you can choose warm fabrics for their bridesmaids’ dresses.

12. Ensure that your buffet includes hot beverages. Apple ciders, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee will be well received from your guests.

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