Your diamond engagement ring is your fiancé’s first precious gift for you, it’s not just a shiny a rock, it represents love. Of course a ring won’t define your relationship, it certainly shouldn’t, but it’s an act of love and care. So when you go down together to buy your diamond engagement ring, there are certain things you should know. So here’s everything you need to know about your diamond engagement ring, from the cuts to the clarity and the size.

1. Brilliant diamond ring:

This is the most classic diamond cut, and the most wanted by women. It’s the classic round shape. If you cherish tradition, honesty and simple life then you should go for it.

2. Cushion diamond ring:

This is a vintage looking diamond ring, it looks like a square cut, but in fact its corners are all rounded. If you’re an adventurous woman, then this ring was made for you.

3. Square emerald diamond ring:

Women just love this shape; it’s their second best after brilliant. It’s a square with tangent corners. It looks very sophisticated. If you’re a woman looking for a luxurious look, this is what your heart will desire.

4. Princess diamond ring:

It’s a woman’s favorite, it’s also square but with edgy and sharp corners. This diamond cut is favored by an intelligent woman, who loves to have fun and to take spontaneous decisions.

5. Emerald diamond ring:

Kim Kardashian wore this diamond cut when she was married to Kris Humphries; the diamond’s shape is rectangular with facets. A sophisticated and hard working woman would definitely go with this cut.


6. Marquise diamond ring:

If you ask me, I’d definitely choose this one; this cut is elongated, with pointed ends. It makes a small diamond look bigger and it's just pretty. A woman with a theatrical and humorous attitude wouldn’t think twice when buying it.

7. Pear diamond ring:

It's also known as the teardrop like many people call it. This is also one of my favorites, and for wider fingers, this diamond ring would look just perfect and slimming. This beautiful diamond cut is for the modest and calm woma


8. Oval diamond ring:

This diamond cut is considered as a classic cut, but there’s an edgy feeling about it too. It’s also perfect for wider hands. If you’re artistic or a trendsetter, don’t hesitate and just buy it.

9. Trillion diamond ring:

This modern triangular diamond cut is so edgy, if you’re not into sophisticated diamond rings and prefer to go with a sharper look, then this is your choice. A woman who’s not afraid to be unique would definitely get it.  

10. Heart shaped diamond ring:

Remember when Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga? He gave her a heart-shaped diamond ring; it’s the ultimate symbolization of love and care. A sentimental and devoted woman would appreciate such beautiful ring


11. Baguette diamond ring:

The slim and rectangular diamond shape usually comes as a side diamond next to the center diamond. It complements the ring and it gives it richness.

The clarity of the diamond:

The clarity of the diamond is something crucial you should know about when purchasing a diamond ring. The clarity of the diamond depends on something called inclusions, which can look like inner clouds, feathers, knots or cavities. And another thing called blemishes, which are scratches, pits, chips, or breaks. All these elements affect the quality of the diamond thus the price too.

The color of the diamond:

The most expensive diamonds you’ll find come in blue, pink and yellow. But white diamonds are tricky, a yellow tint in a white diamond is not a good thing, it will instantly lower its price and it will show that it’s not in great value.

The carats of the diamond:

A diamond carat (CT) is the weight of a diamond. One CT is translated into 200 milligrams.