It's wedding season, and you're probably going to be wearing to more than one evening dress. Unfortunately, shops don't always offer the fabulous gowns we always find on Instagram and Pinterest. Also, we see a lot of dreamy designs on the internet but rarely take the risk to try to tailor them for a lower price because they almost never come out exactly the same. But wait! Don't lose hope! I agree it takes a very talented and skilled tailor to make you a typical dress as the one that you want, however, the trick is all about what we pick to be inspired by. Sometimes, we think these designs seem sophisticated, but actually they are easily recreated without loosing its glam!

Because it's always smarter to do amazing things on a lower budget, here are multiple ideas for evening gowns that can be tailored easily to inspire you for the dress you're going to wear on your next event!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @heradresses