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| by Zeina Tawfik

Five Essentials Every Dreamy Winter Bride Needs

Are you a winter bride? Is your wedding theme "Winter Wonderland"? You'll certainly want to know the five essentials every dreamy winter bride needs! From cover-ups to keep you warm to small details that will perfect your winter bridal look, here are the items every winter bride should consider for her wedding day.

1. Fur Cover-up
Every winter bride needs a fur cover-up, as it will keep you warm and it will look amazing in photos, specially if there was snow. Make sure it's faux fur though!

2. Bridal Boots
If you're a winter bride, skip the stilettos and go for boots. Yes! Why not? You can choose a pair of white fur bridal boots or even a cute personalized pair of flat boots to keep your feet warm. 

3. Embellished Gloves
Another essential that every winter bride needs is a pair of gloves, but not just any gloves, they have to be bridal gloves. Think sparkly and embellished!

4. Seasonal Flowers
Since you'll be a winter bride, make your wedding day memorable by incorporating special winter flowers or plants into your bridal bouquets. You can use pine cones or leaves to add a wintery touch to your bridal look.

5. Wintery Bridesmaids
Bridesmaids are an essential part of every wedding day; they're the bride's entourage and their look should fit in within the wedding's theme. For a winter wedding, let your bridesmaids dress the part by wearing fur cover-ups or wrapping themselves in warm shawls.

After I told you about the five essentials every dreamy winter bride needs, scroll down and check out some inspiration.

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