The wedding season is here, and everybody is getting ready. But are you sure you know the five fashion rules every wedding guest should consider? There's actually a wedding guest etiquette that you should stick to, from keeping away from white dresses to avoiding walking barefoot at a wedding. I'm here to help with some guidelines...

1. Don’t wear white.

The golden fashion rule for every girl attending a wedding is: don’t wear white. Not a long white dress, and not a short white dress. One of the most important fashion rules that every wedding guest should consider, is to avoid wearing white. Not because they'll steal the spotlight from the bride, but because it’s her day and she’d like to be unique.

2. Don't alter your bridesmaid dress before consulting with the bride.

If you're one of the bridesmaids and you need to alter your dress for the perfect fit, that's totally okay. However, if you want to alter the style of the dress, you should consult with the bride first. Don't show up on the wedding day with a strapless dress if the dress she's already picked for you was a one-shoulder one!

3. Bring a pair of ballerina flats.

Never, under any circumstance should you ever walk barefoot at a wedding! If you can't handle wearing high heels for a long time, bring a pair of ballerina flats and wear them as soon as you feel any discomfort. That's another important fashion rule every guest should consider.

4. Follow the dress code.

Don't confuse cocktail with black-tie. Follow the dress code as it says on the wedding invitation, and avoid wearing super short and super revealing dresses. They will not make you look sexy, you'll look like you're heading to a pool party. If you’re confused and don't know what to wear, then you can't go wrong with a little black dress.

5. Don’t upstage the bride.

Unless you’re the sister of the bride, don’t wear something over the top. An extra puffy dress or a gown with a long train are big no-no's. While no one can possibly upstage the bride, this is a fashion rule that every wedding guest should consider. It's okay to stand out, but it's not okay to ask for attention with a va-va-voom gown.