Packing your bag the night before your wedding, loading it up with everything because you're afraid to miss the simplest item. As a bride, all you need to do the night before your wedding is stay absolutely calm and enjoy the night with good friends. We decided to combine a list of the honeymoon essentials for a beach destination. 

1. Swimsuits

This goes without saying, but the question is how many? You will need a minimum of four swimsuits for a 10 day honeymoon. Be sure to include a strapless one in the set, and start off by wearing it at the very beginning. You want to avoid tan lines, and the first day by the beach is when you are subjected to the sun the most.

2. Cover-ups

Dresses, shorts, sarongs, jumpsuits etc… Be sure to stock up on a wide variety of coverups for your beach honeymoon. Include a few maxi dresses and a floppy hat, mix and match your coverups with your swimsuits. You're a newlywed, be sure to look your best every day. Be sure to include a pair of flip flops in your beach wear outfits.

3. Sunscreen

You don't want to spend your honeymoon sunburnt and your husband unable to even touch your flaming red shoulders. We all want to get a tan but let's be reasonable you will be on your honeymoon for a good 10 days. Don't risk it, spring for a good effective sunscreen and wear your floppy hat to the beach.

4. Beach Bag

A beach bag will come in handy to carry your camera, sunscreen, water, souvenirs, money etc… Be sure to include a big colorful beach bag in your honeymoon essentials. 

5. Metallic Sandals

You want to pack a pair of sandals that can go with all your outfits, morning and night.  A pair of metallic sandals tends to do the trick, go for silver or gold, whatever you feel will match what you packed.

6. Sexy Somethings

Lingerie is probably the most thing you will be wearing on your honeymoon. This is supposed to be the most romantic trip of your life so load up on a whole lot of lingerie, and be sure to diversify. A good set of lingerie should include an array of colors, different cuts, cups and lengths. Go for some white bridal lingerie and accessories, you will only have one time to enjoy them. 

7. Nail Polish & Nail Polish Remover

After the first few days of your honeymoon, your french manicure from the wedding will probably have faded away. Remove the old nail polish and pack a light pink nail polish to paint your nails. Or you could go for a gel manicure.

8. Baby Oil

Sure you can hit the spa at your hotel from time to time, but if you're not the type of couple that enjoy spa treatments together, pack yourself some baby oil. The fastest and most effective way to smooth skin is the magical baby oil. Use it every night before you sleep or after even shower to keep your skin smooth and hydrated throughout your entire honeymoon.

9. Cocktail Dresses

Your honeymoon isn't a time to wear a pair of skinny jeans, flaunt those sexy legs of yours in a bunch of cocktail dresses. Drive your man crazy looking drop dead gorgeous as you explore the islands at night, or when you go dancing. 

10. Razor

This is probably by the far the most important thing you should pack after your passport. A little touch up will probably be needed during your long stay, so pack a few razors to eliminate any body hair during your stay, and book a wax appointment the moment your back. I would recommend laser hair removal sessions before your honeymoon so you can kiss that worry goodbye. 

11. Jacket

Airports are freezing that is a given, but you never know when a the hot summer breeze can turn into a cold chill. Pack a cardigan, I would recommend a beige or black color so that it can go with most of your outfits. 

12. Medecine Kit

Always be prepared, so pack a good loaded medicine kit. It should include headache pain killer, menstural cramps pain killer and of course the basics for a flu or food poisoning. Be sure to include eyedrops and ear drops, just incase, to prevent any agitation.

13. Bathroom Basics

Tooth brush, toothpaste, makeup remover, deodorant, cotton balls, nail file, tweezers, facial wash, sanitizer, hand and body cream, everyday mini pads, and sanitary pads. You never know, better be safe than sorry.

14. Hair Essentials

Don't forget to pack a hair serum, bobby pins, hairbands and of course your hair brush. 

15. Bags

You will need only two other bags for your beach honeymoon, a clutch and a cross body. As you explore the island wear your cross body to carry your money and passport. For night time events, use a clutch or stuff your lipgloss in your hubby'y pocket.