After you bought the wedding dress of your dreams, you will wonder how to store your wedding dress! It took you hours to get ready for your wedding, yet it only took you minutes to get out of your dress at the end of the night. So what do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? What you decide to do with your wedding dress is a personal choice, take your time and think about it. If you decide that storing your dress for your kids, or passing it down at some point is the way to go, then prepare yourself. Storing your wedding dress means keeping it in the best condition possible, so whatever you decide to do with it later on, you must know how to store your wedding dress the right way, to keep it in a perfect shape. 

1. Send it to dry clean

To store your wedding dress the right way, start by having your gown professionally cleaned after your wedding. In the meantime, try to find a box, bridal boutiques usually sell big bridal boxes, because that is where you will be putting your dress. 

2. Prepare wrapping paper

Be sure to load up on wrapping tissue paper, in order to store your wedding dress the right way. You will use that to layer the surroundings of the box. It will also come in handy if your dress had some sequined detailing to it. In order to prevent these items from knotting up, you will place the wrapping tissue paper in between the dress as you fold it.

3. Fold it right

Once you get your dress back, you will need to fold it in a certain way to fit whatever type of box you picked. Spread it out and lay it onto a big flat surface. Start by folding the top part of your dress, which includes the bodice and/or sleeves. Fold it neatly as if you are folding an ironed shirt. 

4. Attention to detail

This will be your base, you will then begin to fold the remainder of the dress around your base, keep folding/rolling until you have formed a perfectly neat rectangle that can fit into your box. The bodice of the dress should be facing up and the rest of the dress under it. As I said if your dress involves a lot of detailing, then place tissue paper between each layer of folding.

5. Use plastic bag

Before placing the dress in the box, you will need to insert it into a plastic bag and seal it so you can store your wedding dress the right way. This will prevent any dirt from staining it. Seal the plastic bag with some tape or ribbon.

6. Use a big box

Place the dress in the box and try to seal that too if you can. Make sure to put the box above ground level, but not prone to falling. Usually at the back of a shelf or a closet does the trick.

7. Make room for it

DO NOT, under any circumstances pile up stuff on this box. Not only will it cause damage to the box, but also it will press down your dress and may cut through the tissue paper.

Tip: you can add a closet freshener into the box, keep it always smelling fresh. If you intend on passing on the dress, you can add a gift ribbon to the box, to add that gift-esque to it.