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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Wear a Belt with Your Wedding Dress

Wearing a belt with your wedding dress is a bridal trend that we love! When you wear a belt with your wedding dress, you will actually give your figure a great deal of definition. It's also one of the ways to make yourself look slimmer on your wedding day, because when you know how to wear a belt with your wedding dress, you'll be accentuating your waist. It doesn't stop there; a belt with your wedding dress can be a bridal accessory that adds lots of sparkle and glam to your wedding day look. Hence, you need to know how to wear a belt with your wedding dress...

1. Before you decide to wear a belt with your wedding dress, make sure to wear a good quality corset underneath. However, if your wedding gown has a corset that's already incorporated in it, then you won't need it.

2. While picking a belt for your wedding dress, you will need to wear both the belt and the wedding dress, in order to check if they go well together. The style of the wedding dress really matters when it comes to choosing the belt. If your dress is simple, then feel free to go for a bold belt and vice versa.

3. One thing you should always put into consideration is your body type and the shape of your upper body. For example, if you have big breasts, a simple thin belt should be your pick. To figure out the best place to put the belt, you could try placing it under your bust line or on your natural waist line, and see which accentuates your torso better.

4. Because your wedding night is all about dancing, you must fasten your belt properly with tiny pins, so it stays in place all the time. Bear in mind that the belt shouldn't be fastened too tight, because you don't want to cause any discomfort or create clumps.

Now that we've told you tips on how to wear a belt with your wedding dress, check out this selection of photos to inspire your bridal look.

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