Memoirs of a Fashionable Bride: Amina Khalil

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12/17/14, 12:00 AM

Amina Khalil, an Egyptian fashion designer, behind the eponymous label Amina K., is a woman with a refined, ethnic-inspired style. Whether spotted in a little black dress, or a pair of jeans and a shirt from her own fashion line, Amina Khalil always manages to have that effortless chic flair. You'd think that a fashion designer would absolutely design her wedding dress for her big day, but that was not the case with Amina Khalil, as she opted for a ready-made gown. What's the story behind her bridal journey? Read along to find out...

When did you start your bridal gown shopping journey?
I started the search around 9 months before the wedding.

How many wedding gowns have you tried on before finding 'The One'?
I tried on maybe around 10.

You knew you found 'The One' when...
I was actually between two options, and kept going back and forth, as they were totally different. But I ended up going for the one that was more classic looking and timeless.

Tell us all about your wedding day look.
It was very classic and feminine. I wanted to feel like myself, and not too stiff or made up. My hair was wavy and loose, how I usually have it, with the addition of the wedding veil of course. It was the first time I get my makeup done professionally. I insisted on using my normal foundation and blush, so that my skin looks and feels natural. My dress was also a very classic simple cut, but made of this amazing lace.

Your all time favorite celebrity bride is ... were you inspired by her?
I actually don't have any. Maybe my most favorite recently would be Kate Middleton, but she got married after I did.

Did you always know how you wanted to look on your wedding day?
More or less. I knew I wanted to look very natural, feminine, and comfortable.

Looking back at your wedding photos, is there anything you would have done differently?
I think the one thing I would have changed is my hair. I would have just taken some of it off my face a bit, just because when I was dancing it was in the way.

Share your tips for brides-to-be shopping for wedding gowns.
- Try on as many silhouettes as possible, because you never know what will suit you. You might have always dreamed of your dress looking a certain way, but in reality things could be different.

- Also go for something timeless that suits your body and character, not for something too fashionable. You want to look back at your wedding pictures 30 years from now and still like how you look.

- And most importantly, enjoy this time and don't over stress, everything will be perfect in the end.



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