Nimati Shuhaibar, Founder and Events Director at Polkadots & Ribbons, a bespoke events planning company, is a woman who's always on-the-go. Her style is all about experimenting with pieces, and she doesn't go out and buy the same constructed outfit that she spotted at a store, but rather she likes to mix and match to make it more fun and personal. So how did that affect Nimati when it was time to shop for her wedding gown? Read along to find out all the details of Nimati's wedding day look and discover her bridal journey.

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When did you start your bridal gown shopping journey?

Shortly after getting engaged, I traveled to London to visit my family, and took it as an opportunity to start scoping out the market! I am a very indecisive person, so I was glad I started early.

How many wedding gowns have you tried on before finding 'The One'?

A LOT! I actually lost count to be honest, as there was always something that I found wrong in each one! The truth is, there was this one particular gown that I had my eye on by Krikor Jabotian and it was difficult to narrow down any others till I tried it on. It took me 6 months to get on a plane and make it to his showroom, but it was well worth the wait. I knew he was the designer I wanted to work with instantly.

You knew you found 'The One' when...

I tried on the dress at Krikor’s showroom...and it just felt right! I cancelled all other appointments instantly. I had tried on so many dresses by that time, so I knew what I was looking for – Krikor’s work is beautiful and I was really excited to kick start the process.

Tell us all about your wedding day look.

In the end I decided to custom make my dress with Krikor Jabotain, so the look was changing all the time. Actually from the first trial to the last, it went through 180% transformation! I really wanted my dress to match my style and personality, so it had to be loud, fun and playful. But also I wanted to incorporate touches of traditional elements, so that when I eventually look back at the pictures in 20 years I can still appreciate it. The top half of the dress was strapless and incorporated a lot of detailed work on fabric and the bottom, it was more simple with a modern twist using different fabrics and lengths – keeping it young. I kept the make up natural and accessories simple, the dress was big and puffy so I didn't want to go over the top.

Your all time favorite celebrity bride is ... , were you inspired by her?

I don't really have an all time favorite celebrity bride, but recently I really liked Poppy Delevingne’s look on her wedding day. It was a beautiful custom-made Chanel gown that was elegant and suited her a lot.

Did you always know how you wanted to look on your wedding day?

I always assumed I had an idea but I surprised myself when the time came. I thought I'd go for a tight simple lace dress but it didn’t suit me, so it's not so much how you want to look but what suits you overall.

Looking back at your wedding photos, is there anything you would have done differently?

Not one thing! As cliché as it sounds everything was perfect and turned out how we had planned (to be honest even if there was something wrong I was having too much fun to notice).

Share your tips for brides-to-be shopping for wedding gowns.

- Take your time and scope out the options – It’s never a bad thing to start early.

- YOU have to love the gown you choose. Not anyone else – Only go for what makes you comfortable and convinced.

- Even if you feel you know which dress style you want, try on lots of different styles. You may surprise yourself with what ends up suiting you and looking the best.

- When trying on your dress make sure you run, jump, twirl and sit in it. Being in a dress at trials for 30 minutes is do-able but lasting for 7 hours+ is a different matter. Comfort is key!

- If you decide to customize your dress make sure you are a decisive person and have the patience for it, as it’s not a short process.

- Buy your ‘wedding heels’ and then comfortable shoes to change while dancing – even if they are hideous – get them! No one will see and it will be a life changer!

- Enjoy every minute of the experience!!!

Photo Credits: Farras Oran

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