Raquel Saliba, Founder and Designer of Belles by Raquela line of handmade unique bridal headpieces. Her style leans towards classic, with a very Audrey Hepburn color palette. She's not a slave to the current trends, but every now and then she buys a few pieces that are "in." Raquel loves back details, and that's the first thing that she looks for when she buys a dress or a top. Of course, that influenced her as she picked her wedding dress, so find out how Raquel Saliba out together all the bits and pieces of her bridal look.

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When did you start your bridal gown shopping journey?

Surprisingly, the journey was more of a short pit stop! The first designer I wanted to see was Tony Ward, I was a big fan of his work. The wedding's date was October 4th, and I started shopping in May (5 months before). It was a bit risky, but when you know what you like and want, I believe it's plenty of time.

How many wedding gowns have you tried on before finding 'The One'?

I browsed through his collections online while I was in Dubai before my appointment in Beirut. I picked out three dresses, although my heart was set on just one. I made it a point to try the first two before trying on the dress I wanted. They were so pretty, but I knew the third dress was going to be mine.

You knew you found 'The One' when...

When I tried the dress on, it was instant love. I did not want to take it off, I was already thinking about the hairstyle and the shoes. I had made my mind right then and there.

Tell us all about your wedding day look.

My dress was not the classic strapless or princess cut. It was form fitting with sleeves and low cut on the back, despite this, I was going for a simple and timeless look. My hair was a twist on the classic up do with thick braids and a low bun.

Your all time favorite celebrity bride is ... , were you inspired by her?

Nicole Richie by far. Her dress, her hair and make up. The total look was so unique, yet it fit her style impeccably.

Did you always know how you wanted to look on your wedding day?

Not really, I had imagined many looks for my wedding day. Classic, rustic, boho, etc. But, when I chose the dress, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Looking back at your wedding photos, is there anything you would have done differently?

It's very hard to say no, you will always have small thoughts here and there on how I could've done my hair or make up differently, but when I see the pictures, I forget about these thoughts completely .

Share your tips for brides-to-be shopping for wedding gowns.

Be true to your own style. Choose a dress because it matches your personality and not because it is popular. Most importantly, make sure it's comfortable because you'll be dancing all night long!

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