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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Miranda Kerr's Wedding Dress Is the Perfect Inspiration for Modest Brides

Yes, Miranda Kerr, one of our favorite Victoria’s Secret models just got married in a wedding dress that I can only describe as the perfect inspiration for every bride wearing the hijab on her wedding day.

Dior created a beautiful and modest wedding dress for Miranda Kerr, and she complemented it with a beautiful flower crown that almost covered all her front hair, and as for the veil, it went on to cover the rest of it. So basically, Miranda Kerr, one of the top models in the world, just gave major inspiration for brides who are going to wear the hijab on their wedding day, with her modest and beautiful bridal look.

So, there you go girls, scroll down to see Miranda Kerr’s full bridal look, from head to toe.

Main photo and photos credit: Instagram @mirandakerr  

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