It's a fact, your wedding day goes by in a flash and you may forget about the photos your must take of your wedding dress and accessories! After your wedding day is over, photos are what you'll have to treasure that day for a lifetime. If you're a bride-to-be, you probably have a list in mind of the moments you want to capture on your wedding day. To help you make sure you've got everything covered, here are photos you must take of your wedding dress and accessories, to preserve your bridal look in your memories forever.

- Bridal garter

As you're getting ready, take a sexy picture while putting on your bridal garter. It's a little detail of your bridal look that you don't want to miss!

- Wedding veil

Your wedding veil is one of the most delicate detail of your bridal look, so you must photograph it while elaborating the tulle and lace. Don't miss taking a snapshot of the veil covering your head, definitely a breathtaking shot!

- Wedding day shoes

Put the spotlight on your wedding day shoes and capture your happy feet! Let your wedding shoes peek out a little from under your dress, and get that moment on camera.

- Wedding day perfume

Some brides go for their all-time favorite perfume, while others pick a totally new scent. Either way, having a picture of your wedding day perfume in your photo album will always refresh your memory of how you smelled on that special day.

- Bride's entourage helping her with the dress

This picture captures lots of emotions, because it includes the bride, and probably her bridesmaids, mother or sister. Capture the moment when everyone is busy helping you get into your wedding dress.

- Engagement ring

One of the photos you must take of your wedding day accessories, is a snapshot of your engagement ring. Don't forget to include the wedding band and dedicate a moment to admire the beauty of these jewelry pieces.

- Wedding dress details

You'll only be wearing your wedding dress once, so you might as well take shots of it from different angles. Make sure to tell your photographer about your favorite bit of your wedding gown, maybe it's the bow on the back, or the embellishment on the sleeves. They are worth their own shots.

- Wedding day jewelry

Whether it's something new or something borrowed, your wedding day jewelry is one of the most precious elements of your bridal look. Take a picture while you're putting on your earrings and another one to show how the jewelry you picked perfectly complements your wedding gown.

- Wedding dress on a hanger

Do you remember the first ever time you spotted your wedding dress? Well, this must-take photo of your wedding dress on a hanger will always remind you of that moment.

- Bridal hairstyle and headpiece

Document your bridal beauty look through taking pictures of your bridal hairstyle and headpiece. Show off your sophisticated hair-do or loose waves, and make this moment a memorable one. 

- Full shot of wedding dress

This one is a classic! After you get ready, take a moment, breathe it all in, and show off your wedding dress. Also, take a shot where you're standing with your back and your veil is neatly arranged with the wedding dress train behind you.

- Bridal bouquet

Take close-up shots of your bridal bouquet, because you'd want to remember the flowers you held on your wedding day.