Because you want to look perfect on your wedding day, it's important to wear the right pair of shoes. A lot of brides ditch their high heels for a more comfy option, sneakers. But how to make your sneakers glam enough to wear on your big day? And what if you want to wear high heels, but in a special way? Custom-made and personalized wedding shoes are the answer. Many shoe brands provide this option all around the Middle East, and you'll be super happy to know that we did the research for you.

1. Converse

Converse has a full collection of wedding shoes, and you can customize it just the way you want!

wedding shoes - Custom made converse - converse custom

2. Inkrypt

If you're looking for a unique pair of wedding shoes made just for you, then you should check Inkrypt's Instagram account, they'll hand paint your sneakers with the cutest designs.

wedding shoes - inkrypt - painted sneakers

Instagram: @inkrypt

3. Misura

Misura is a new brand that makes evening and bridal footwear, you can take an appointment and make your own bridal shoes!

wedding shoes - misura - bridal footwear - customized wedding shoes

Instagram: @misuradsgns

4. Nike

Yes, you can order a customized pair of Nike sneakers! This is the comfiest thing you'll want to wear on your wedding, and be all special too.

nike custom made - wedding shoes - Custom made converse

5. Poise Design

Located in Lebanon, you can pick from their bridal collection, get it tailored to fit right into your feet, or you can customize your own.

wedding shoes - poise design - customized wedding shoes