Where do I begin? A white dress with a long train, has been always the wedding gown of my dreams since I was a little kid. To sum it up, I think that a wedding dress is nothing without a long beautiful train. Knowing that it's favoured by many brides-to-be, I gathered for you the things you need to know before picking a wedding dress with a long train

1. The location of the wedding

The first thing you need to consider if you're going for a wedding dress with a long train is the location of your wedding. The beach, a garden and most outdoor locations are a big no. It's not just harder to move around, but you'll also have a bigger risk of your long dress train tangling into objects and gathering up all sorts of random things.

2. The length of the train

Usually, wedding dresses with long trains are more suitable for taller women. For petit women, it's preferable to go for another style as it'll only make you look shorter.

3. Your wedding shoes

Another important factor to consider when picking a wedding dress with a long train, are the shoes you're going to be wearing. Avoid high heels so you can move freely and lightly on your very special night. Flats on your wedding day will look funky!

4. Your wedding veil 

If you decided to go for a dress with a long train, you must pay extra attention to the length of your wedding veil. Find the perfect balance between the veil and the long train. So how do you do that? Go for a short or medium veil, as they'll be most suitable for your wedding day look. Test out a variety of options and go for a light wedding veil so you can dance freely all night long.