Preparing for your wedding day is a truly hectic process. You have got a ton of things to do while you're stuck within a time limit. To make things a little easier for you, just a little easier, I am devising a timeline for your fashion necessities and wedding checklist.

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How to prepare and break in your wedding shoes:

Firstly, I would recommend that you buy your wedding shoes as early as possible. You need to search for two pairs of shoes, the fabulous looking heels and the comfortable flats. This is important for many reasons: 

1. It is a huge relief knowing that you have your wedding shoes picked, ready and stored away.

2. You get to take your shoes with you when you start shopping for wedding dresses.

3. You have plenty of time to break in your shoes before the wedding, so it won't hurt you as much on your wedding day.

4. Make sure your shoes are less slippery, by scuffing up the soles. You can do that by wearing your shoes around, or rubbing it against a rough surface.

5. After buying your wedding shoes, make sure to buy a pair of thin slip-on socks (the ones you would wear with ballerinas) and wear them while breaking in your bridal shoes. This will assure that you don't get any blisters, and will keep your feet more or less protected on your wedding day.

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How to pick out and take care of your wedding dress:

1. The most important tip I can give you is: it is never too early to start shopping for your wedding dress. From the moment you get engaged, start doing your research.

2. The minimum amount of time you need to search for a wedding dress is six months, even then, it is sometimes risky.

3. Try out different dress styles to figure out the cut that suits your body, you should actually be doing that around eight months before your wedding, to develop an idea of the type of dress you want to get.

4. Make sure that when you order your wedding dress, you receive it three months before your wedding, always leave a 'just in case it's running late' period and enough time for your fittings.

5. Shorten the hem of your wedding dress immediately after receiving it. That way, you'll have the length ready and you should be able to try it on several times before your wedding.

6. As for altering your wedding dress, this part is tricky, because a bride usually loses quite a few pounds, due to the stress and the hectic schedule. I would recommend altering your dress six weeks before the wedding:

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- A month will be a significant time to fix any problems that might occur after tailoring the dress. 

- Try to stick to your same eating regiment until your wedding day, so your weight doesn't change. 

- Book an appointment at your tailor two weeks before your wedding, just in case your dress needs last minute alterations. You might not need it, but better be prepared. Remember to cancel it you don't need it by then!

- Make sure you take your shoes and bridal lingerie when trying your dress to alter it precisely.

7. Do not hang your wedding dress in your closet or off a hook for a long period before your wedding day, you never know if the straps would break. Keep it in its dust cover and lay it down on a couch or flat surface.

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What to do with your wedding veil:

1. The thing about the veil is that it totally depends on your dress. So you must pick your veil the same time you are picking your dress.

2. If you are going to buy your veil, it is preferable to get it from the same place you got your dress. That way, you will receive both the dress and the veil at the same time and you can refer back to the same place instead of running around to two different shops.

3. If you are going to make your veil, you should start the moment you pick your dress. Never go with the mentality that a veil does not need much time, just get it done and have it ready.

How to choose your wedding jewelry:

Picking out your wedding day jewelry is actually quite simple, especially if you are going for something borrowed. Once you have your dress ordered, start thinking about the jewelry you want to wear. You can choose to pick it or purchase it a month before your wedding, but trust me on this, you will be too busy that month to remember something like this. So, again, I will stress the earlier the better.

1. If you decide to go for unconventional accessories, then I recommend you start searching once your dress has arrived. That way you can try on quite a few ideas until you find the perfect accessory.

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2. Earrings! Do not go for heavy earrings. Your feet will probably already be hurting you, so no need for your ears to hurt too. 

3. As for the bracelets, make sure you wear something that fits your wrist perfectly, with a good lock. The last thing you want is your bracelet flying out of your hand when you're dancing.

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