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| by Arabia Weddings

What to Wear When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

You might not think your shopping outfit might be a big deal, but believe us it is! Feeling comfortable in your outfit is very important when going out for a long day of dress fitting.

Here are a few tips on what you should wear when shopping for your wedding dress:

Tights: Not only are they comfortable, they also have thin and soft fabric that you don’t need to take off when trying every dress.

Simple dress: Wearing a dress you can take off and put back on with minimal assistance is very helpful.

Accessories: If you've already decided to wear a certain pair of shoes, veil or jewelry, take the item along with you. That way, you can make sure it goes well with your dress.

A strapless bra: It will make trying on dresses much easier.

Flats: Don’t hop from store to store in heels! If you need heels when trying the dresses on, either pack one with you or try one at the store.

No makeup: Do not wear makeup, lotion or tanning lotion when trying out dresses. You will risk ruining the dresses when taking them off or putting them on. Also make sure you have something to tie your hair just in case.

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