Besides being extremely practical and easy to have on hand, these DIY lotion bars are really moisturizing and easy to use on your body and even on the lips. Once you have your ingredients they're incredibly easy to make. Here's how to make lotion bars at home.

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DIY lotion bar recipe

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- 25g Cocoa Butter

- 50g Coconut Butter

- 25g Shea Butter

- 40g Beeswax

- 2ml Grapeseed Oil

- Dried flower petals

- Essential oils of your choice

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1. Add all the ingredients in a heat proof bowl.

2. Melt them together over a water bath on low heat. Make sure the bowl isn't touching the surface of the water in the pot.

3. Add dried flower petals to a silicon ice tray.

4. Carefully add the melted mixture to the tray.

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5. Add on top 2 drops of your favorite essential oil. 

6. Leave them to harden at room temperature.

7. Take them out of the tray and massage over the area you want to moisturize.