Full Recap: Fashion Forward Season 4 - Day 1

Fustany Team
10/7/14, 12:00 AM

The first day of Fashion Forward’s fourth season in Dubai witnessed an array of very interesting designs. Find out more by watching the video above, reading our review below or by checking out some of the images we selected for you.


They regularly introduce many great talents and this season Timi Hayek and Jo Baaklini made it back. Timi Hayek’s show at Fashion Forward was all about the feminine and flirty designs, without that over-dose of your typical girly girl. Light fabrics and colors were present at Hayek’s show and as usual she made some pretty fun moves during her finale with a big smile on her face. We like her!

Next up was Jo Baaklini. The first few looks didn’t quite satisfy us. Why? Because we don’t like seeing men wearing shiny pants. Shortly afterwards however, Jo Baaklini’s show took a different turn, where he presented a few really cool prints. We loved seeing the consistency throughout his show and the various ways he used these prints within his show, whether each one of them on its own as a garment piece or mixed up and layered together. Our favorite bit? His designs looked really comfortable, which is always an added value.

Lastly, part of Starch Foundation’s fashion show was Rayya Morcos. Pretty artsy designs with a rocker chic twist to them we must say! Wearable? Some of the pieces were more runway material than something you can sport often. We thought Rayya Morcos’ designs were pretty dramatic, the dark kind of drama, which we haven’t laid eyes on before in the region.


The three brothers wowed us by how amazing and synchronized their collection was; chic and clean cuts were the highlight. The Emperor 1688’s show started off with light colors (white and creme), rich fabrics and beautiful details. Their show ended with a few electric blue looks which were a great hit, especially the asymmetric blouse with a floor-length tail and a suite on top of it.


A very interesting show, which started with a few modern feminine looks, but took another turn towards bolder kind of women. Cutouts and unusual mixes of fabrics were present throughout House of Ronald’s designs showcased at Fashion Forward. We spotted metallics, chiffon and leather working together in harmony to result in some uber cool designs. The most interesting part of the show was the last look, think rocker chic gone super glamorous.


She certainly took traditional to the next level, giving it a modernized touch and enabling women to wear her pieces in many ways. Having said that, we would have loved to see more consistency within the show, as each look had many different elements not going in harmony with the ones before.


Black swan was the first thing that came to mind after seeing the majority of Jean Louis Sabaji’s collection at Fashion Forward. Very artistic designs were present, but not necessarily wearable ones. You could clearly see the artist in him is dominating. Jean Louis Sabaji used fabrics wisely to create the feather illusion and did we mention we fell in love with the gown he showcased at the end? Yes, we’re talking about the wedding gown, it’s certainly not for the typical kind of bride.


One of the shows we were very excited about! A touch of royal along with beautiful fine details, light colors, embroidery and the glitz and glam factor. Our favorite designs from Michael Cinco’s show were in white and of course that gorgeous turquoise gown which we included within the pictures below.

Image Credits: Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson of Getty Images



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