Because we know lots of veiled girls look for ways to wrap a satin hijab, we decided to give you not one, but three different yet simple ways to tie your satin headscarf while still looking chic! You can go for these wrapping techniques using either a printed or a plain satin headscarf. Check out these crucial tips on how to wrap your satin hijab and make it stay in place...

1. Go for a thick cotton bandana as a first layer, as its material clashes with the satin scarf which makes it stay in place longer. Also make sure the bandana is exactly your size, not too loose and not too tight.

2. Have pins next to you while wrapping your satin headscarf, in order to fix it in place properly after each and every step. Use pins on the tiny folds on the sides, as that will help in keeping the satin hijab wrap in place while you're wearing it.

3. Pick your satin headscarf medium-sized instead of going for large ones, so you can be more in control while wrapping.

4. Make sure to go for simple and easy ways to wrap your satin headscarf, in order to prevent it from moving around or become too loose.