Hussein Bazaza was inspired by quite a few things in his latest collection at Fashion Forward Dubai season five, however he managed to make them all blend in perfectly. Luna, Hussein Bazaza’s latest collection, included everything from geometric cuts, draped garments, prints with a 3D effect to couture gowns in which he combined different patterns, such as lace and embroidery. 

Hussein Bazaza didn’t stick to certain colors during his fifth show at Fashion Forward Dubai, but instead went for variety; black, dark blue, green, burgundy, nude, white, yellow and purple. We must say Hussein Bazaza’s show was the best we’ve seen at Fashion Forward this season. The pieces were artistic yet very wearable and flattering, not to mention the gorgeous designs that included flowers, which is Hussein Bazaza’s signature style. The designs with flowers were not done in the typical feminine way, but rather with an edgy/dark twist making them even more appealing for someone who enjoys the finer side of fashion.