No woman can do without a little bit of lipstick, in fact she uses every color and shade to express a certain side of her, the one she wants to embrace that day. Having said that, we've decided it was time to unleash the fun and daring side of you and that’s why we teamed up with Maybelline New York for the launch of their Vivids Lipstick collection, full of exciting and luscious colors. We're highlighting the six shades we personally love and bringing you the full look that would make you rock each occasion. Don't be surprised to see some unconventional color combinations, it's only fun with a touch of creativity. So what if you sport Electric Orange lipstick at a wedding? It’s totally doable!

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Watch the full video campaign and let us know what you think.

You can also watch the shorter versions here:

1. Work Look:

2. Girls’ Night Out Look:

3. Beach Look:

4. Date Look:

5. Casual Look:

6. Evening Look:



Collection: Vivids Lipstick - Maybelline New York

Videography: TACT Studio

Production and Direction:

Model: Salma Abu Deif

Makeup: Soha Khoury

Hair: Rafi

Colorful Furniture: Bagua