'If you took the time to cook for them, take the time to decorate for them.' These few wise words that Reya Al Muhtasib said at the end of the video are still ringing in our ears.

We paid a visit to Reya Al Muhatsib, Head of Interior Design and Sales Manager of SPAN Marketing Egypt, to show us how to set and decorate a dining table. We were always fascinated by the people who actually decorate their dining tables for their guests, but also, we were confused about a few things like where are we supposed to put the food if the table is busy with flowers and decoration, and where can we get things like these? Well, Reya solved the mystery and explained to us that finger food and appetizers are the only things that can exist on the dining table, as for the rest of the food it should go on the buffet, so everyone can have access to it.

As for the decoration, this is what she said: 'You don’t have to go all fancy, just use stuff from around the house. In this case we only used stuff from this house, we didn’t buy anything, we didn’t go out of our way, we just used flowers and candles that we had around the house. We used statues that we already had, our regular glasses, we threw out some fancy cutlery, mixed and matched some of our plates to give the look. Use colorful napkins and placemats, just change it up so that it feels different and fresh.'


If you want to know more about SPAN Marketing Egypt, here are their contact information:

Website: spanmarketingegypt.com

Instagram: @span_interiordesign

Facebook: Span Marketing Egypt @spanmarketingegypt