Asil Attar, Rabia Zargarpur and Aiisha Ramadan, are three Arab women with incredibly unique success stories. We met up with these inspiring ladies to talk more about the constantly growing fashion scene in the Middle East.  Each gave us their own perspective, in-depth thoughts and secrets about the art of building a successful fashion brand. Asil Attar, CEO of Lead AssociatesGlobal Fashion Expert and talents mentor, knows how to make use of her rich experience in the fashion industry in terms of mentoring up-and-coming talents, leading them to being international. 

Aiming to push the great talents the Middle East has to offer, Asil Attar is currently mentoring both Rabia Zargarpur and Aiisha Ramadan in addition to skillful fashion designers. What Asil does through her brand building company is, develop their talents, strengthen their brands and lead them for the global market. If you're starting up your own brand, or you want to know more about the competitive fashion business, then you don't want to miss this fruitful interview!