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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Watch 4 Easy and Different Coffee Table Decorating Ideas in 1 Minute

I've recently come across Architectural Digest's YouTube channel, at first to watch their insider on beautiful celebrity homes, but then I came across a series of videos where they style a coffee table, desk, night stand, fire place. I fell in the love with the different aesthetics and the editing technique. They instantly inspire me to think outside the box when I want to amp up my desk or a place around my home. The items they use are so simple but instantly change the way a table can look.

This video gives you ideas on what to put on your coffee table and introduces 4 completely different styles depending on your home and decorative style; The Basics, The Entertainer, Center of Attention and Tea Service. I love how eclectic yet uncomplicated the settings they come up with are. Watch it to see how you can decorate your coffee table with simple accents.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @studiomcgee

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