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| by Jasmine Kamal

7 Ideas That Will Make Your Home in No Need of a Heater This Winter

Turning on the heater always seems the easiest and most effective way to fight the winter's freezing weather. However, we only remember how this may not be the smartest solution the moment we receive the high heating bill at the end of the month. That's why, I've managed to bring you the 7 secrets that keep me warm all winter long without having to use my heater! Yes, you read right. So what are you waiting for? Check these ideas, and thank me later!

1. Painting one or more walls in a dark color will absorb sunlight and by such, your home will stay warm from day till night.

2. Using curtains in thick fabrics such as velvet won't only insulate your home from the cold weather, but will also keep it chic and elegant.

3. Covering the floor with large warm carpets will isolate your feet from the freezing weather, and will make your home preserve its stored heat.

4. Try and cover your furniture with faux fur, velvet, or eve woolen covers, and see how it will add  a beautiful touch of both elegance and warmth to your decor.

5. Keeping some lights on will also increase the warmth inside your home. Of course turn off the lamps that you don't use, but what I mean is that you can keep one or two pendants/spots on.

6. Closing all the doors of the rooms is another trick to prevent you from losing the heat that your house stored.

7. Use a silicone tape to block any voids between your windows and the walls of your space. These voids always leak cold air from the outside into your house.

Try what suits you from the above tips, and if you wish to cozy up your home a little bit more, click here to learn how you can make your own scented candles to double the warmth of your home in winter!

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