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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Get to Know What a Backsplash Is, and How It Can Make Your Kitchen Look Great

Interior designers have come up with many design solutions in the past few years to help you create the home of your dreams, and kitchen solutions were the best ones of them, or at least for a woman, I believe that they’re the most important too. I remember when every Arab home had to make its kitchen of ceramic from walls to the floor to avoid grease and dirt. But thanks to them, now we have many other options.

Now you can paint your kitchen walls with whatever color you like, and create the mood you always wanted, without compensating the cleanness of your kitchen walls. The places that are most exposed to grease, and are most likely to get dirty are the walls behind your sink and stove, and that’s where backsplashes come to the rescue. A backsplash is a tiled area that protects your painted wall from getting ruined by the heat, the water, and the grease.

What I really love about this, is that backsplashes can help you get creative with your kitchen design, instead of having all of your walls all tiled with the same pattern, so, think of them as a little artwork above the stove and the kitchen sink.

Now that you know what a backsplash is, scroll down to see some beautiful and creative designs that will help you remodel or create the kitchen of your dreams.  

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