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| by Farida Abdel Malek

How to Cozy up Your Home with Warm Fall Inspired Interiors

There's a reason a lot of people have a love affair with Fall, it's cozy aesthetic is something people want to live and go home to everyday from a tiring day at work. I wanted to implement some fall vibes in my home and wanted to find out how to do that other than just adding pumpkins everywhere. Yes, they're cute but what else can bring in the coziness?

- You can create an aromatic pan that will spread the fall/winter scent all over your home. Apples, cinnamon, orange peels and star anise warmed up with water is heavenly and an easy quick way to calm the nerves and cozy up your house.


Find the Recipe & Image Credits: How Sweet Eats

- These are easy throw-on's that can easily and instantly add that cozy feel to your rooms, throws and pillows. You don't have to feel like you must completely redecorate. You can already have these back in storage or shop for pillow cases online.


Image Credits: One Kindesign - Live for Interiors

Check out more ideas in the gallery below to help you add cosy fall touches here and there...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @margusha____

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