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| by Farida Abdel Malek

These Photos Will Remind You That Round Mirrors Exist and Are Beautiful

Often people forget about one aspect of their home decor. An aspect that can actually completely transform  a room and have a huge impact on it. That thing is a mirror. A mirror in the interior world is much more than a reflection of yourself. It's much more than necessity for you to get ready or look at your outfit 15 times before you leave the house. It adds to a room, depth, space and well... decor.

Recently my Pinterest has been flooded with round circular mirrors and they've been showcased as an accessory to the room more than a practicality. They can be very versatile, interesting and a nice touch when you feel like things are too angular in your room. Here are some picks of these mirrors and the different settings you can consider when shopping for home decor...

Main Image Credits: Adore Home Magazine 

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