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Need a Home Decor Change? Follow These 7 Instagram Accounts Now

Jasmine Kamal
12/23/19, 12:00 AM

From time to time, we all find ourselves on Pinterest and Instagram looking for ways to elevate and change our home decor or room decor. However, we often struggle with wondering if this chair, that pillow or this nightstand would look good in our space. We need to visualize rooms and see home decor ideas to help us out.

This where home decor Instagram bloggers come in. Seeing their homes and how they put everything together helps us visualize and be able to incorporate these things ourserlves. They're really inspiring and creative, so I gathered 7 home decor Instagram accounts that can really help you a lot when you're looking for a home decor change. 

1. Colorful Kimmes

I'm a big fan of color, so this account is heavenly for me. Her home is all about color and the beauty of colorful home decor. If you're looking to make your space brighter and more of a statement, then this is your next follow...

2. Iconjane's Home 

If you love bohemian decor, then this should be your go to. Its all about beautiful greenery, accents of wood and simplicity. Very nature inspired. 

3.  Petite Voyou 

She is a mother of two, so this account is perfect for decorating children's rooms. Her style is simple, minimal with very calm with soft colors. Strongly recommended for mothers.

4. Deirdre Renee

A lot of people prefer more modern home interiors. This account is all about neural and comfortable decor that is easy on the eyes. It's chic, luxurious and appealing to a lot of tastes.

 5. Modern Bed Space

Our bedroom is where we spend a lot of time and mostly importantly relaxing and sleeping time, so you definitely want its decor to be calm and relaxing. This account gives a lot of ideas for bedroom decor, no matter what your taste is; bohemian, classic, or modern...

6. Inspired Kitchens 

The kitchen is a very important and essential part of the home. It should be a space that makes you comfortable and happy. This account is a great guide for beautiful kitchen decor ideas.

7. Kate Rose Morgan

Fashion is always rotating and going back in time. And so does decor. This account is all about beautiful 70s inspired home interiors. If this is something that you're curious about, check out Kate's accounts.


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