I know what you're thinking..."NO, I'm not painting my walls bright coral!" and I get it, but just hear me out. Now, I'm not showing you these pictures just because it's Pantone's color of the year. The minimalist in me is actually starting to come out of her shell and get curious about color. When Pantone announced in December that 'Living Coral' was going to be this year's color, I was more interested in seeing the makeup looks inspired by it. However, as I bumped across home interiors with coral decor, I started to really love how it looks. 

It's happy and chic, but not as loud or intimidating as red. There are also so many ways you can add the pop of color to your home, and it doesn't have to be as dramatic as bathroom tiles (even though they look really gorgeous), or a door. I personally wouldn't go for a color like that for any of the main rooms at home. I would pick it for a guest bathroom or a summer chalet. 

So if you've been curious about adding color to your home decor, I think this color is going to be around for a while and you can start with small items and trinkets and then work your way up to the statements. Check out below 'Living Coral' home decor ideas and save them for when the time's right.