Who needs to purchase a Kate Spade book clutch when you can just make your very own - no offense Kate Spade!

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Were you one of those kids who used to load up on notebooks and diaries. Well I was, and for those of you who did, you know how extremely sentimental they are, and just too hard to throw away. Or even your old vintage childhood books, you know the ones that look like they're for grown-ups, but they have such a colorful cover? No need to throw them away girls, or even place them in a dusty old box, it is time to get creative and turn your old notebook into a clutch. Yes you read correctly a DIY book/notebook clutch.

What you will need:

- Book or notebook

- Super glue 

- Cutter

- Cloth (a color of your choice) 

- Ruler

- Pencil


1. Once you have picked your notebook or book, open it up to the middle, where the amount of pages on both sides are equal.

2. Use the ruler and the pencil to draw lines surrounding the text or lines on both sides. This should form a big square on the page.

3. Next, use the cutter and drag it along the square you just drew. Do this with a few pages at a time, as this will eventually remove the middle of the page, creating a squared hole in the book.

4. Now that you have removed the essence of the pages, it is time to use the super glue. You will need to glue the pages together so that they do not bother you every time you open the clutch. Make sure to glue the first or last  page to the cover or end of the notebook/book.

Tip: Gather up all the pages together, while keeping the notebook/book open, and glue the sides of the pages. Use a few layers of glue, it should work. 

5. Once you have glued all the pages together, leave them to dry for a few minutes. Test it by opening the notebook/book, if no page flicks out of place, then you are good to go.

6. You must have picked a piece of cloth that is funky and also matches the color of your book. You will use the piece of cloth to create a pouch effect to the clutch.

7. Place the book in an upright position and open it to see how wide you would want it, when you open the clutch.

8. Place the open book on the piece of cloth and using a pencil, line the boundaries of the book. Once you have done that, cut out two pieces of cloth, they should look like a hexagon.

9. Fold the hexagon in half and sew the bottom edge of both pieces of the cloth. Glue the hexagon piece of cloth that you just sewed to the inner sides of the pages you cut out. Make sure the end you sewed is facing inward.

10. As for locking the clutch, there are two ways you can do it. If you chose a notebook, then you already have a lock. You can also choose ribbons, where you'll get two equal pieces of ribbon and super glue them. One of them should be glued to the back of the book's cover page, and the other to the back of the book. Close the book and tie it up. 

Tip: You do not need to create the pouch effect, you can just place your stuff in the middle, just be careful when you open up your clutch.

Photo Credit: Runwaydiy.com

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